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Precision Sharpening
poli Corporation provides the expected quality machine knife sharpening. Our finest regrinding service is capable of providing many types of industry knives to engineer highest quality cutters . The precision CNC machine is not grinding the accurate tolerance, but also with burr free cutting edge.

Our process of manufacturing for each type of industry knife is strickly following our standard quality control, that is purposed to supply the durable and accurate product to our customer without the troubles. Heat treatment facility will strengthen the hardness of material and extend the product life cycle.

Quick Turnaround
In order to supply exceptional knives to our customer, our turnaround time is usually depending on the requirements of what the customer request on the design.

Additional Services:

● Mig Wire Hard facing
● Tungsten Carbide Surface Coating
● Teflon coating
● Deep Freeze Cryogenics (at below 300 degrees F)
● Nitriding
● TiN and Other Wear & Corrosion Resistant Surface Coatings
● Tungsten Carbide Re-tipping
● Demagnetize Shear Blades